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Republic Acts for Teachers (Bullet Form)

August 02, 2017
Republic Acts for Teachers (Bullet Form)

Here are the republic acts for all teachers in the Philippines:

  • REPUBLIC ACT No. 137 -Board of Textbooks. It provided for all public schools to use only those books approved by the board for a period of six years from the date of their adoption.
  • REPUBLIC ACT No. 1425 -The inclusion of a course on the life, works and writings- especially the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo of Dr. Jose Rizal in the curricula of all public and private schools.
  • REPUBLIC ACT No. 4670 -The Magna Carta for Public School Teachers.
  • REPUBLIC ACT 1079 - Commonwealth Act No.117. Civil Service Eligibility shall be permanent and shall be valid throughout a person’s lifetime.
  • REPUBLIC ACT No. 6728 -The Act Providing Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education. (Scholarship Programs)
  • REPUBLIC ACT No. 7722 -Creating the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) composed of a chairperson and four (4) commissioners.
  • REPUBLIC ACT No. 7743 - The establishment of public libraries and reading centers in every barangay and municipality of the country.
  • REPUBLIC ACT No. 7784 - The Centers of Excellence Law
  • REPUBLIC ACT No. 7796 - The TESDA Law
  • REPUBLIC ACT No. 7836 - Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994
  • REPUBLIC ACT No. 7877 - Anti Sexual harassment Act of 1995
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER No. 27 - the inclusion of subject courses on human rights in the school curricula, textbooks, and other reading materials
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER No. 189 - All public Secondary School teachers under the administrative supervision and control of DECS. Issued by former President Corazon Aquino.
  • PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 6-A - Known as the Educational Development Decree of 1972, and was implemented by the late former President Ferdinand Marcos.
  • PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 146 - This decree requiring ALL senior high school students to pass the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) as pre-requisite for admission to any post- secondary academic or professional degree program.
  • PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No.451 - This law repealed R.A No. 6139 and authorized the Sec. of Education and Culture to regulate the imposition of tuition fee and other school fees in all private educational institutions.
  • PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 688 - This law gave the Civil Service Commission the power and authority to give the appropriate examination for all public school teachers.
  • PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 1139 - This decree issued on May 13, 1977, created the position of the undersecretary for NON-FORMAL Education who shall make an overall assessment of the existing non formal education programs and shall take charge of all non-formal education programs of DECS.
  • DEPARTMENT ORDER No. 1, s.1973 - This DECS order reiterates the policy on the use of locally published textbooks of Filipino authorship in all levels of education, both public and private.
  • DEPARTMENT ORDER No. 25, s.1974 - The implementation of BILINGUAL EDUCATION Program which mandates the use of English and Filipino as separate media of instruction.
  • MEC ORDER No. 22, s.1978 - ALL institutions shall offer in all their curricular programs at least six (6) units of Filipino, starting the FIRST SEM Of school year 1979- 1980.
  • DECS ORDER No. 30, s. 1993 - This order issued on May 20, 1993, providing for a National Elementary Achievement Test (NEAT) for ALL grade six pupils in Public and Private schools
  • DECS ORDER No. 38, s. 1994 - Provided for a National Secondary Assessment Test (NSAT) to be administered to ALL graduating public and private high school.
  • REPUBLIC ACT No. 1265 - The Law on the Observance of Flag Ceremony
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER No. 200, sec.3 -The Law prohibits fund raising in school
  • 1987 CONSTITUTIONS ARTICLE XIV, sec. 3:2 -The Law teaches and imposes discipline
  • BATAS PAMBANSA BLG. 232, sec. 13:2 / 1987 CONSTITUTION, ARTICLE XIV, sec 5:2,/ 1973 CONSTITUTION, ARTICLE XV, sec. 8:2 -the Law recognizes Academic Freedom
  • 1992 MANUAL OF REGULATION FOR PRIVATE SCHOOL, sec 48-49 - The Law requires to have a fixed calendar
  • 1992 MANUAL OF REGULATION FOR PRIVATE SCHOOL, sec. 44-47 - The Law on Education specifies faculty qualification
  • R.A No. 1054 AS AMENDED BY P.D.’s Nos. 442, 570-A, 622, AND 643 - The Law requires Education to provide Medical and Dental Services
  • CIVIL CODE, ARTICLE 349 - The Law considers teachers, professors, and administrators to be in LOCO PARENTIS to their pupils and students
  • 1987 CONSTITUTIONS ARTICLE XIV, sec. 5:4 - The Law requires Education to provide professional advancement teachers.


- The Revised Penal Code of the Philippines prohibits the publication of the following:

1. ARTICLE 138 – Inciting the people to rebellion

2. ARTICLE 142 – Seditious Libel

3. ARTICLE 154 – Unlawful utterances
4. ARTICLE 201 – Immoral Doctrine, obscene publication and exhibition
5. ARTICLE 356 – Threatening to publish and offering the prevent publication of an article for a certain fee.
6. ARTICLE 357 – Acts in the official proceedings that are prohibited to be published
7. ARTICLE 362 – Libelous remarks

The following are the Republic Acts, Executive Orders, Presidential Decree for all teachers in the Philippines.


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