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The History of Valentine’s Day and Why We Celebrate This Day

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or hate it, one thing’s clear: Valentine’s Day history goes way back. And while Valentine’s Day is now known for kissing, candy hearts, and hard-to-get dinner reservations, the origins of the holiday are far less romantic. Here, the Valentine’s Day history that wouldn’t make it into a rom-com, including a saint, a massacre, and even sinful nuns of Valentine’s Day (seriously!). This is everything you need to know about the real origins behind the February 14th holiday.

How Did Valentine’s Day Start?
Valentine’s Day is a fixed day on the calendar (be sure to tell that to the next person who asks what day is Valentine’s Day) and the ancient Roman calendar included a mid-February holiday even before Saint Valentine’s time. That holiday, called Lupercalia, celebrated fertility and may have included a ritual in which men and women were paired off by choosing names from a jar. Across the region, in Ancient Greece, that culture observed a mid-winter celebration for the marriage of the god Zeus and the goddess Hera. Some historians wonder if these traditions may have influenced the way we now celebrate February 14.

Who Was Saint Valentine?
Who was Saint Valentine, exactly, and what does he have to do with chocolate hearts? Not much, it turns out. Saint Valentine’s Day was a feast day in the Catholic religion, added to the liturgical calendar around 500 AD. The day was commemorated for two martyred roman priests named—you guessed it—Valentine. However, very little was known about these two priests, and, because there were conflicting reports on the Saint Valentine Day story, the feast day was removed from the Christian liturgical calendar in 1969.

But even though not much is known about the real history of the two Saint Valentines on which the holiday is based, the legend of Saint Valentine has several tellings. One legend says that Saint Valentine refused to convert to paganism and was executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II. Prior to his death, he was able to miraculously heal the daughter of his jailer, who then converted to Christianity along with his family.

But according to others—and this is how Saint Valentine became affiliated with a love-focused holiday—Saint Valentine was a Roman priest who performed weddings for soldiers forbidden to marry, because of a Roman emperor edict decreeing married soldiers did not make good warriors. He wore a ring with a Cupid on it—a symbol of love—which helped soldiers recognize him. And, in a precursor to greeting cards, he handed out paper hearts to remind Christians of their love for God.

Because of this legend, St. Valentine became known as the patron saint of love. The Saint Valentine prayer asks Saint Valentine to connect lovers together, so that two become one, and the couple remembers their devotion to God.

While the Saint Valentine story set the groundwork for establishing the day as a holiday for romantic love, what truly solidified the connection between Saint Valentine and love was a poem by medieval author Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381, which historians consider the origin of the “modern” celebration of Valentine’s Day, where we celebrate our romantic partnership with one other person.

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Chaucer’s time in the middle ages was the era of courtly love, when broad, romantic statement of love—poems, songs, paintings—celebrated partnership. By the end of the 15th century, the word “Valentine” was being used to describe a lover in poems and songs of the day, and in the 18th century, a book called The Young Man’s Valentine Writer was published in England. By the mid 19th century, mass-produced paper Valentine’s Cards were being created, and Valentine’s Day as we know it was born.

The truth about Valentine’s Day history is that a romantic holiday isn’t immune to trauma. In Prohibition Chicago in 1929, seven men were killed by a gang organized by Al Capone on February 14. The Valentine’s Day Massacre became a flashpoint in prohibition history, with police and lawmakers going after the gangs and mobs that had formed in cities to control illegal substances like alcohol.

And while romcoms are always a great movie night choice for this evening, if you’ve already reached your Sleepless in Seattle or Pretty Woman quota for the year, know there are many different kinds of Valentine’s Day flicks. One you may leave off your queue: The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine’s Day. This 1974 erotica film from Italy claims to be based on a true story but is really just filled with a lot of sex-starved nuns. At least it’s not the same-old…?

No matter how you're celebrating, or who with, know that V-day can be as lovey-dovey, or low-key, as you want it to be!

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Subject Headers (Classroom Decoration)
Hello Teachers!
We have other sets of classroom decorations that we want to share with you. These are the Subject Headers which are free, printable, and downloadable. There are 2 sets available at this moment and both are in high-quality resolution. You can put these above your subject corners/bulletin displays.

Here are the downloadable and printable Subject Headers.
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Subject Headers (Classroom Decoration)
How to download? Please read this Simple Downloading Instruction.

1st Set Preview
This is just a preview. You have to download the printable files to get the high-quality version of this.
1st Set Download Links:

2nd Set Preview:
This is just a preview. You have to download the printable files to get the high-quality version of this.

2nd Set Download Links:

1. How to download this?
Please read this Simple Downloading Instruction

2. How to have a better quality print output?
Read this Guides on How to Get Best Quality Print Output when Printing

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To those who’ll disseminate this file, please give proper acknowledgment to us. Thank you! :)

Compilation of Free Beautiful Font Styles for Windows and Mac OS. These files are free, downloadable, and easy to install. Install now and make your documents more attractive!

How to download? Read this Simple Downloading Instruction
Read this tutorial on How to Install Additional Font Styles in Dektop/Laptop

New Fonts Mega Pack (25,000+)
Unsorted Font Styles (20,000+)

Please read the disclaimer below.

How to Install Additional Font Styles in PC or Laptop

"Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Courier, etc."
These are the common font styles that we always use in document processing. Yes, they are simple and clean fonts. However, if we use them to design an invitation, cover page, titles, certificates, etc. I think these fonts will not give them new attractive looks. Well, it depends on the designer though. Many of us are not aware of this, but did you know that we can install and add more font styles to our desktops or laptops? Yes, you read it right, but the question is, how?

Hi there! Welcome to NON-STOP TEACHING!
In this post, we are going to give to you the steps on How to Install Additional Font Styles in PC/Laptop (with screenshots).
Before we start the tutorial, I'll enumerate first the things we will use here.
1. PC or Laptop which runs Windows or MAC OS
2. Font Files
3. WinRar

I'll give you the download links below. Okay, let's start!
NOTE: Click the screenshot to zoom.

Step 1: Download Fonts
Download new font styles from the link above. After downloading, locate the file using file explorer. As you can see, these font styles are compressed so you have to extract them first and with that, we have to use WinRar.
Download Link: WinRar for Windows
Windows has a default software that you can also use for extracting compressed files, however, it only supports zip files that's why I recommend you to download and install WinRar so that you can easily extract files.

Step 2: Click and Extract the File
Click the file and press the right click button of your mouse. Take a look at the screenshot above.

Step 3: Wait for the extraction process
Wait for a minute. Extracting speed depends on the file size and the specs of your device.

Step 4: Open the extracted folder
That folder contains the fonts.

Step 5: Browse the extracted fonts
You can now see a lot of fonts. The problem is, we have no idea what they look like. We need to see the font preview.

To preview fonts, you have to click the small icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen. Take a look at the screenshot above.

You can now see fonts previews. Now, choose the font style that you want to install.

Step 6: Click and Install the font
Click the font and a new window will open in a pop-up. It'll display more font previews. Now, click the "Install" Button.

Step 7: Wait for the installation process
Wait for it. It'll only take a few seconds.

After the installation process, you can now close the window.
NOTE: There will be no confirmation message popup after the installation.

Open your document processing software and look for the font that you've recently installed.

 Congratulations! You can now use new font styles.

NOTE: Make sure that you will print the document using the pc/laptop where you installed the font. If you are going to copy your document in a flash drive, make sure that you converted it as an image file especially if you're going to run it on another device. Otherwise, font style will not work and it will be reverted back to the default font. However, if you really have to run it on another device, make sure that you also installed the font/s on it.

I hope this tutorial helps you. 
Questions? Just leave a comment below.
Happy to help :)

How to Download YouTube Videos Using Any Web Browser

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet. It is the site where you can find and watch a variety of videos. For teachers, YouTube is a really useful website. We can watch any tutorials, dance steps, and listen to any music which can be also used as learning materials. It is indeed helpful, but the problem is, what if we don't have an internet connection in our classroom? What if we only have internet connection in our home? Well, I think we can help you with that problem. 

Let's start the tutorial on how to download YouTube videos using any web browser (with screenshots). Before we start, let me enumerate first the things that we are going to use here.
1. Any Gadget which is capable of connecting to the internet (ex. smartphone, laptop, desktop).
2. Installed browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or the stock browser of your device.)
3. Internet Connection

If you have all those above mentioned, you may now proceed to the tutorial.

1st Step: Run your browser and go to YouTube
Click your browser to run and go to

2nd Step: Search the video
Use the search input field and search for the video that you want to download.

3rd Step:  Edit the url of the video
Remove some characters "https://www."

Put "ss" before "*****". It should look like the screenshot above. Press enter to proceed to the download page.

4th Step: Choose the video resolution that you want
Click the download after selecting your desired video resolution.

5th Step: Save the video
Press "CRTL+S" and save the video file or you can also click the 3 dots located at the bottom right corner of the video frame and click "Download".
If you're using a smartphone, you don't need to press anything because it'll download automatically after you click download. If your phone wasn't able to recognize the file, simply go to your file manager and rename it. Put the following file extension after the name of the file.
.mp4 or .3gp it depends on the video format that you download. It should look like this.
video.mp4 or video.3gp

The downloading process will start after performing the steps above. Congratulations! You can now play your downloaded video offline. 

I hope this tutorial helps you. 
Questions? Just leave a comment below.
Happy to help :)

How to Control PowerPoint Presentation Using a Smartphone

Hello and Welcome to NON-STOP TEACHING!
Have you ever presented a powerpoint presentation? What type of controller did you use to switch from 1 slide to another?
Some of you might have used a physical remote controller and some uses the keyboard of their laptops or desktops. Well, if I were to choose between the two, I prefer to use the Physical Remote Controller since it is more convenient to use especially if we are walking from side to side. But what if we don't have that physical controller that I've mentioned? You still have 3 options:
1. Use your keyboard
2. Buy a Controller from the Market
3. Use your smartphone

Yes, you read it right! You can use your SMARTPHONE as a controller for your PowerPoint Presentation. Read the tutorial below.
This is the easy tutorial on how to use a smartphone as a remote controller for powerpoint presentation (with screenshots).

Before we start this tutorial, let me ask you one question.
Are you familiar with this icon?
This is SHAREit. A software which is commonly used to transfer files from one device to another. Lots of people are now using this app because it gives a boost in data transferring speed. It is faster than the Bluetooth. Sending and Receiving files are the main features of this software but did you know that it has also a function to control your powerpoint presentation? How? Let's now start the tutorial.

1st Step: Download and Install SHAREit on your Smartphone and Laptop
You have to download and install the files to both devices. 

For Smartphones
Android - Play Store/ Download Link
IOS - App Store/ Download Link

For Laptops/Desktops
Windows - Download Link
Mac OS - Download Link

2nd Step: Run the software on both devices
Let's start with your smartphone. Open the app and click "Receive"
Click the "CONNECT PC" button at the bottom right corner of your screen.
Click the "PC SEARCH MOBILE" button at the bottom right corner of your screen.
 Mobile hotspot will now open.
Put down your smartphone and go to your laptop or desktop
Run SHAREit on your laptop/desktop and click "Search Hotspot of Mobile".
 It will search for your smartphone. Once it is detected, click your device's avatar.
They will now connect to each other. Wait for a second.
There you go! Your devices are now connected. You can now minimize the window.
Go to your file and open your PowerPoint Presentation.
Start the slideshow by pressing the "F5" button or you can also click the "Slide Show" tab and then click "From Beginning" icon at the bottom of the tabs.
The slideshow will now start.
Go back to your phone and then click "PPT Control".
There you go! You can now switch slides using your smartphone.

There are lots of remote control app that you can use to control powerpoints. Some of them have lots of functions and better features such as "Laser Pointer, Marker, etc.". It's better than the SHAREit app, however, if you want a fast connection and setup, I recommend you to use SHAREit. 

I hope this tutorial helps you. 
Questions? Just leave a comment below.
Happy to help :)

How to Save PowerPoint Presentation as Video File
Good day, and welcome to NON-STOP TEACHING!
In this post, I'm going to give you the easiest way on how to turn your PowerPoint Presentation into a Video file. Yes, it is possible to do that so let's start the tutorial now.

This is the step-by-step process on how to save your PowerPoint Presentation as Video file (with screenshots).
NOTE: Click the image to enlarge.

Step 1: Create or Open your PowerPoint Presentation
".pptx" that is the common extension or format of the file that is created via Microsoft PowerPoint. If you already created a file, just open it or you can also create a new one. It depends on you.

Step 2: Save the file

Go to File/Save As or you can also Press CTRL + S

Step 3: Change the "Save as Type"
By default, you can see that the extension of the file is ".pptx"

Change it into ".wmv" by clicking the "Save as type" option and then choose "Windows Media Video .wmv"

Step 4: Click Save
Click the Save button.

Step 5: Wait until the progress bar is full
Microsoft PowerPoint is now saving you Presentation as a video file. Please wait for a minute or more. Remember that the rendering speed depends on the size of your presentation as well as the hardware of your device. The higher the specs the faster the saving process.

Step 6: Done! you can now play the video
After the rendering process, you can now see the video file.

You can play it using your video player such as Windows Video Player, VLC, etc.

I hope this tutorial helps you. 
Questions? Just leave a comment below.
Happy to help :)

How to Make Tarpapel in Microsoft Word

This is a tutorial on how to make tarpapel using the Microsoft Word. Before we start, I would like to inform you that this only works on EPSON Printers. We haven't tried it yet in other printers so if your printer's manufacturer is not EPSON, we recommend you to use Microsoft Excel and read the tutorial on How to Make Tarpapel in Microsoft Excel.

Okay, let's start!
This is the easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make tarpapel in microsoft word (with screenshots).
NOTE: Click the image to enlarge.

Step 1: Run the Microsoft Word and input the data
You can run it by pressing the start/windows button and search for the program "Word" or you may also click the shortcut icon located at the desktop screen. After that, input your data that you want to print. You can insert texts, images, charts, etc. and you can also customize the page layout.

Step 2: Go to Print-Page and Click Printer Properties
Press CTRL + P or you can also click File/Print. Don't print it yet and proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Look for the "Multi-Page" option
It's off by default right?

Step 4: Choose your desired pages
It's time now to choose how many pages you want to use. There are 6 options: 2-UP, 4-UP, 2x1, 2x2, 2x3, 2x4. You may refer to the preview located on the left side of the window.

Step 5: Click okay
After choosing your desired pages, you may now click the "OK" button to proceed.

Step 6: Click Print
There you go! You can now print your document. Congratulations! :)

I hope this tutorial helps you. 
Questions? Just leave a comment below.
Happy to help :)

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