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The Basic Sentence Pattern

S+ V+ IO+ DO (Subject + Verb + Indirect Object + Direct Object)

1. You can sell him a piece of necklace.
2. Can money bring me happiness?
3. They showed them a photograph.
4. Should I give my enemy a free hotdog?
5. I told them a joke.
6. I handed him a piece of paper.
7. I promised her a delicious dinner.
8. Andrew's uncle saves him a piece of cake.
9. That photographer teaches them mathematics.
10. Of the entire woman in the world, Michelle gave me a kiss.
11. The Beatles taught me love.
12. Meg offered her a ride home.
13. “I never promised you a rose garden,” the doctor said.
14. They reserved him a parking space
15. I gave him a book.
16. I leave her some flowers.
17. While you were sleeping, Holly made you a coffee.
18. Miss Johnson made him some coffee.
19. I bought her the vase.
20. His cousin often showed the visitors the painting.
21. Those barbers told her the shortest way.
22. That congressman tells them many lies.
23. I saved her a seat.
24. Ann Lynn hands him a piece of paper.
25. They sell him a ticket.
26. The farmer described to them the fishpond.
27. Jake left her a message.
28. Those teachers grant him his wish.
29. They promised her a delicious dinner.
30. They showed them a photograph.
31. Cathy envies him his good fortune.
32. Lorelei’s grandfather left her a huge amount of money.
33. The teacher brings her some food.
34. The manager passed Jenny tequila.
35. The woman wishes her a happy birthday
36. I sent her a birthday present
37. People should teach their children right manners.
38. They showed them a photograph.
39. The medical representative sold the woman an encyclopedia.
40. Mother baked me a cake.
41. I strike him a heavy blow.
42. That teacher offered her a ride home.
43. I bring her a small present.
44. They read the children a story.
45. The woman owe me sixty thousand pesos
46. Fred's wife leaves her a couple of books.
47. That politician bought her a gift.
48. His wife ordered him a drink.
49. He wrote her a very long letter.
50. The marksman suggested her the new Samsung phone.

S+V+O+OC (Subject+Verb+Object+Objective Complement)

1. That store clerk finds the book interesting.
2. We called her "the hungry werewolf".
3. The walls are usually painted black.
4. I called him "the garbage man".
5. I find the box empty.
6. That bus driver found the box empty.
7. She installed Arthur as a knight.
8. That police officer got the TV repaired.
9. The supervisor calls the programmer’s program faulty.
10. Most people think the space shuttle a major step in space exploration
11. Roy kept the room warm.
12. Connie's husband leaves the door open.
13. I named the ship Titanic.
14. The clown got the children too excited.
15. The natives considered bribery taboo.
16. The low cost of the new computer made competition much too difficult for some of the other companies.
17. Those carpenters saw him swim.
18. We called her "the rude fisherman".
19. That librarian finds the book interesting.
20. They heard the girl crying.
21. Lorna left him tied up.
22. She made the paper into an airplane.
23. Johnny wanted Lenny as his wife.
24. The mayor made his friend a bodyguard.
25. We consider Bobby a gourmet.
26. The pope made Ambrose holy.
27. We find the meatballs delicious.
28. We painted the new dining room wall yellow.
29. She left the boy crying.
30. Villalobos named our country Filipinas.
31. You shave your head bald.
32. We called her "the strange lawyer".
33. That bus driver found the bottle half full.
34. The girl wants Bami as a friend.
35. The blacksmith made the hammer very durable.
36. Sarah found her schizophrenic.
37. I called him "the bartender".
38. I called him "the police officer".
39. That police officer finds the box empty.
40. People consider the moon as symbol of romance.
41. Poets make the moon a part of their description of the night.
42. They consider it an exquisite orb.
43. Scientists call it a nonluminous object.
44. They also call it the maker of tides.
45. Everyone thinksthe full moon a very impressive sight.
46. We name her the queen of the night.
47. Some savages consider the full moon am evil influence.
48. In the 17th century, the society considered the blind and deaf children as idiots and insane.
49. Today, we call them special children.
50. Aurora believes herself lucky.

S+V+O (Subject+Verb+Object Pattern)

1. Reason plays a minor role.
2. Edison admitted the crime.
3. Vitamin C prevents damage from free radicals.
4. The mobsters burned the building.
5. The ASG gunned down the soldiers in Basilan.
6. These boys slammed the door.
7. Do you dream queer dreams?
8. The mathematician crossed the Red Sea.
9. He interrupted the lady talking to the other man.
10. The Lord delivers us from evil.
11. You clean the kitchen.
12. They dived in the swimming pool.
13. The engineers fixed the bridge.
14. The interior designer designed my kitchen.
15. We knew the answer.
16. Why did she paint the wall?
17. The tornado destroyed the town.
18. The pianist played the piccolo instead of the piano.
19. Where did Ella buy that ring?
20. Can she play the harpsichord.
21. One presents the moral problem.
22. One begins a work of fiction.
23. She gains a reputation by writing.
24. At the age of 18, Willa Cather visited Europe for the first time.
25. I recognized the man who entered the hall.
26. Modern industry, to the great extent, utilizes automatic controls.
27. Automation has increased industrial productivity.
28. Automation might cause large-scale unemployment.
29. Technology might impoverish the quality of human life.
30. Scientists faced such major challenges as high population growth, poor public health, to name the few.
31. Robert Lowell conducted seminars at Harvard during the mid-1960s.
32. Most writers desired self-esteem.
33. Andrew no longer went to college.
34. His face showed his disgust.
35. He loves his job.
36. The people in the restaurant like the schnitzel.
37. That banker washes a car.
38. I set an alarm clock.
39. They drank water.
40. They feed the cat.
41. Ed peels an orange.
42. That guard keeps a dog.
43. Those farmers ate some crackers.
44. Those grade 3 pupils fly a kite.
45. The Maegayon climbers climb a a mountain.
46. They drive a sports car.
47. That lawyer eats some candy.
48. That fisherman buys a book.
49. I threw a ball on the player.
50. Eliza catch butterflies.

S+V (Subject+ Verb Pattern)

1. The dictator Nero waited.
2. Curiosity kills.
3. He sang joyfully.
4. The President resigned.
5. The monks prayed.
6. The cute baby slept.
7. We listened to Obama.
8. Alexander Borgia growled.
9. Evita swam.
10. The men and the women danced.
11. Astrology seeks to discover ancient civilization.
12. These ancient civilizations lie buried deep in the earth.
13. The stories of archeology tell of suspense and adventure.
14. Gabriel Garcia daydreamed.
15. The Governor bluffs.
16. The girl behind you grinned.
17. The woman in the photograph smiled.
18. That grumpy old man cried.
19. The lawyers argued.
20. The airplane departed.
21. The madams smirked.
22. The computer reboots itself.
23. Sometimes, people don’t care.
24. The Mafia dons met.
25. That student drives.
26. Abraham speaks fluently.
27. Many of the class members write well in class.
28. I came before you did.
29. Sarah came to the party after work.
30. Near the end of the runway sat the bombed-out shell of a 747.
31. Coyotes howl.
32. The wall collapsed.
33. The soldiers drank.
34. Mark sang.
35. Joanna gargles.
36. Bees sting.
37. The dynamites exploded.
38. Wolves came.
39. Isotopes react.
40. The faucets leak.
41. We agree.
42. The train has arrived.
43. She tried.
44. You could not agree.
45. The band played.
46. John Lennon imagined a long time ago.
47. Do you bake?
48. Mira never snore.
49. The computer rebooted.
50. We walk.

S+LV+C (Subject + Linking Verb + Complement)

1. Uma isn't fat.
2. I'm not famous.
3. I am crazy.
4. She is quiet.
5. The spectators look surprised.
6. The sand felt rough.
7. Patty isn't fat.
8. Lester's ex-wife became a gardener.
9. I am poor.
10. I'm not a dentist.
11. She is helpful.
12. Sarah didn't become a carpenter.
13. I am a student.
14. He is Nigerian.
15. I am Sam
16. The sky turns gray.
17. This cake tastes better.
18. The audience grew weary.
19. The defender remained silent.
20. He is at home.
21. He is angry with you.
22. Matthew remains loyal to his wife.
23. My father’s boss is a peculiar man.
24. The person standnig behind you looks familiar.
25. Trees are essential to our lives.
26. She looks familiar, isn’t she?
27. IDA ia an acronym for Iron Defiency Anemia.
28. Her husband was in jail two years ago.
29. The sun is the center of the solar system.
30. Space flights are not new.
31. Some astronauts were women.
32. Life still remains a great mysptery.
33. The Annual Darling Hoopla is a free circus.
34. Helena appeared to be overwhelmed.
35. Extraterrestrials are probable.
36. Experiments have became frequent.
37. He became remorseful.
38. They were the members of the American rock band The Killers.
39. Beethoven’s Fur Elise sounds wonderful.
40. The face of the dancer was pale.
41. The clown looks sad in that makeup.
42. Your handwriting is not legile.
43. The lovers were kissing.
44. That big house across the street appears haunted.
45. The clouds are heavy with rain.
46. The roses look amazing.
47. The young widow was overcome by woe.
48. During the summer our bodies are dry.
49. The mountain climbers remained seated at the big rock.
50. Who are the readers?

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