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LET Reviewer for Prof Ed and Gen Ed (1800 Questions with Answers)

LET Reviewer for ProfEd and GenEd (1800 Questions with Answers)

Free Licensure Examination for Teachers Reviewer

The following reviewers have a total of 1800 items with answers. This will help you to pass the LET.
Download the files below:

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Good Luck and God Bless
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  1. wala po bang latest? 2014 po kasi yung document. ;(( ;(( ;(( ;((

    1. Alam mo ba maam during the time na nagtake ako ng LET wala ni isang lumabas na kaparehong kapareho ng mga nireview ko? just saying maam, all reviewers were made to review you so it doesn't matter if anong year yan kasi ang LET is more on analysis. Just take any of the reviewers para po mapractice ka and mag improve yung pag aanalyze mo ng questions.

  2. Thank you for this ma'am/sir. I hope may tle major din.


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