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How to Make Tarpapel in Microsoft Excel

How to Make Tarpapel in Microsoft Excel?

Hi there! Welcome to the tutorial on how to make tarpapel using Microsoft Excel!
Actually, Microsoft Excel is the easiest tool that you can use in making tarpapel. Why? Just take a look at the steps below.
NOTE: Click the screenshots to zoom.

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Excel
You can do it by pressing the start/windows button and search for the program "Excel" or you may also click the shortcut icon located at the desktop screen.

 Step 2: Create a new blank workbook
Just look for the blank new workbook and click it.

Step 3: Press Ctrl + P or just click File>Print>Print Preview
Look for "Print Preview" this is the most important thing that you have to do.  Why? Simply because this step will enable the program to display the actual papers. Proceed to the next step.
Alternative: You can also do this step by selecting your desired paper size.

Step 4: Click "Home" from the tabs above or just simply click "Back"
The program will bring you back to the blank worksheet. Take a look at the screenshot. As you can see, there are lines that divide the cells. It appeared because of step 3.

Step 5: Zoom out by holding the CTRL button and using the mouse's scroll button or you may also adjust it from the zoom feature at the bottom right corner on your screen.
There you go! you can now see the papers. You can zoom in and out as much as you want. It depends on you.

You can also use the  "Page Layout" tab above. From there, you can customize the Page Size, Margins, Orientation, and etc.

Step 6: Click the "Insert" Tab and click "Text box"
I chose landscape as the orientation and A4 as the paper size. This is just an example, you can choose what you really want. It depends on you.

This step allows you to draw a text box.

 Step 7: Draw a text box by dragging the cursor.
You can resize the text box as much as you want. In the screenshot, I used 3x3 which is equivalent to 9 papers. 

Step 8: Change the Font Size
You can adjust the font size as much as you want to make it visible.

Step 9: Start typing
You can now enter texts inside the text box.

You can also insert picture/s on it.

Step 10: Print it
Make sure to check the print preview if it's already okay. Take a look at the screenshot. There are 9 pages all-in-all though the screenshot only shows the first page. You can use the scroll to see the other pages.

Excel vs Publisher
We all know that we can also use Microsoft Publisher in making tarpapel. But for me, Microsoft Excel is easier and can give you a better print output. MS Publisher consumes lots of spaces for the margin. MS Excel, on the other hand, allows you to maximize the entire spaces in the papers.

I hope this tutorial helps you. 
Questions? Just leave a comment below.
Happy to help :)

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