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5 Macro Skills (Classroom Decoration)

5 Macro Skills (Classroom Decoration)
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We have something to share with you. It is one of the most common decorations that we usually put above the blackboard, the 5 Macro Skills (Listen, Speak, Read, Write, and View). You can download this from the links below. Don't worry because this is 100% free and legit. Available in 3 Sizes (A4, Letter, Long). Get your copies now!

5 Macro Skills Preview
This is just a preview. You have to download the printable files to get the high-quality version of this.
Sample Print Outputs
NOTE: We use Photo Paper in printing these.

Here are the downloadable and printable 5 Macro Skills.
Brought to you by www.nonstopteaching.com

The 5 Macro Skills (Classroom Decoration)
These files are ready to print. Just use the recommended paper and print.

Download Links:
1. How to download this?
Please read this Simple Downloading Instruction

2. How to print this?

Things to consider before printing:
a. Use the recommended paper size only.
b. Don't modify the file.
c. Just Print it.

Steps in printing:
1st - Load the recommended paper size to your printer.
2nd - Open the file that you want to print.
3rd - Press Ctrl + P or you may also click File/Print
4th - Click the "Print" button.

3. How to have a better quality print output?
Read this Guides on How to Get Best Quality Print Output when Printing

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To those who’ll disseminate this file, please give proper acknowledgment to us. Thank you! :)

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