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How to Save PowerPoint Presentation as Video File

How to Save PowerPoint Presentation as Video File
Good day, and welcome to NON-STOP TEACHING!
In this post, I'm going to give you the easiest way on how to turn your PowerPoint Presentation into a Video file. Yes, it is possible to do that so let's start the tutorial now.

This is the step-by-step process on how to save your PowerPoint Presentation as Video file (with screenshots).
NOTE: Click the image to enlarge.

Step 1: Create or Open your PowerPoint Presentation
".pptx" that is the common extension or format of the file that is created via Microsoft PowerPoint. If you already created a file, just open it or you can also create a new one. It depends on you.

Step 2: Save the file

Go to File/Save As or you can also Press CTRL + S

Step 3: Change the "Save as Type"
By default, you can see that the extension of the file is ".pptx"

Change it into ".wmv" by clicking the "Save as type" option and then choose "Windows Media Video .wmv"

Step 4: Click Save
Click the Save button.

Step 5: Wait until the progress bar is full
Microsoft PowerPoint is now saving you Presentation as a video file. Please wait for a minute or more. Remember that the rendering speed depends on the size of your presentation as well as the hardware of your device. The higher the specs the faster the saving process.

Step 6: Done! you can now play the video
After the rendering process, you can now see the video file.

You can play it using your video player such as Windows Video Player, VLC, etc.

I hope this tutorial helps you. 
Questions? Just leave a comment below.
Happy to help :)

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