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Materials for Remedial Reading in English

Materials for Remedial Reading in English
Here are the Free Downloadable English Reading Materials for Remedial Reading (Grades 1-6). The following files are free and printable. Click on the link below to view and download the files.
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Bid Tid
Dad Sad
Dan Nan
Fix Six
Hot Pot
Jab Dad
Lin Kin
Mag Fag
Mop Pop
Mut Jut
Nap Pap
Noli Dan
Nun Sun
Pat Mat
Pig Fig
Pit Gip
Rod Mop
Sam Tan
Sig Gets the Ball
Sid Want his Hut
Wit Pit
Disclaimer: We don't own these files.
Credits: Ma'am Ana Mapula
Compiled by: DepEd Tambayan

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