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How to Reset Epson Printers

How to Reset Epson Printers? with free resetter

“A printer ink pad is at the end of its service. Please contact Epson support.”
Have you encountered this problem? This is quite annoying, right? I guess you're wondering why this happened?
Well, in a simpler way, this problem is normal and it commonly occurs when your printer has reached the limit of print jobs that it can perform. Yes, there's a limitation in every printer but, don't worry because you can easily troubleshoot this annoying trouble. How? Just read this simple and easy-to-follow tutorial on How to Reset Epson Printers. 

For you to reset your Epson waste pad, you have to download a certain software/program (Resetter) that will enable you to do the job. But before that, I'll let you read first the explanation about the Waste pad.

According to Epson,
Epson printers use some kind of waste pad / Epson printer ink pad which is situated underneath the print head. The waste pad is basically a large foam sponge sitting inside of a plastic container and it absorbs all of the wasted ink which gets pumped through the printer. During a print head cleaning cycle large amounts of ink get pumped through the print head and deposited straight onto the ink waste pad. This automatic cleaning cycle occurs almost every time you turn your printer ON and it’s purpose is to keep the microscopic holes in the print head clear of dried ink. Epson Printers use a piezo print head which can clog quite easily if this cleaning process doesn’t occur often enough. 

How to Reset Epson Printers?
Now, I'll give you free Resetter for your printer. You can download it from the link below. Don't worry this is virus free.
The following files are compressed meaning, you can't open these unless you have a software named "Winrar" to unpack or extract the files. Learn More...

Step 1: Download and Unpack the Resetter
Choose your printer model below:

Free Resetter for Epson

Step 2: Open the file "AdjProg.exe or AdjProgcracked.exe" from the extracted files to run the program.

The program will run and this dialog box will appear.

3rd Step: Select the model of your printer.

Click the "Select" button and choose the model of your printer and click "OK".

Step 4: Click the button "Particular adjustment mode".

The first dialog box will close for a new window will open.

 Step 5: Select the option “Waste ink pad counter” then click “OK”.

Take a look at this screenshot. This will help you solve the problem.

Step 6: Check the Printer

Mark both "Main pad counter" and "Platen pad counter" then click the "Check" button.
This new window will open and the program will check your printer.

Step 7: Initialize

Mark both "Main pad counter" and "Platen pad counter" again then click the "Initialization" button.

Step 8: Confirm your command

Click “OK” to reset the Waste ink pad counter.
Now you have to switch the printer OFF and then ON again.

Congratulations! Your printer has been reset and can now be used again.
I hope this helped you. For more inquiries just leave a comment below.
Thank you for reading this simple tutorial :)

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