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How to Locate, Lock, or Erase a Lost Android Device

How to Locate, Lock, or Erase a Lost Android Device

What should we do if we lost our android device (phone/phablet/tablet)? Is there any chance for us to locate, lock, or erase it?
We feel you and we know how hard it is to accept the fact that it's gone. Well, we want to give you a little hope because, in this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to locate, lock, or erase your lost android device.

Before everything else, we want you to understand first that this method will only work if:
1. There is a google account linked on that Android device.
2. Your lost device was not yet reprogrammed or reset by the person who is currently using it.
3. The device is connected to the internet.

1. Smartphone/Laptop/PC
2. Internet Connection
3. Google Chrome

Let's start the tutorial.
NOTE: Click the screenshots to zoom.

Step 1: Open "Google Chrome" in your Smartphone/Laptop/PC
We prefer to use Laptop/PC since it has a wider display. Make it also sure that "Google Chrome" is updated to avoid errors in loading scripts from the website.
NOTE: If you don't have PC/Laptop you can still use your smartphone. Just follow these steps using Google Chrome or you can also download and install this app from Play Store. Find Device.apk

Step 2: Go to www.google.com
2.1: Wait until the page successfully loaded.

2.2: Sign in the google account that is currently connected to that Android device.

2.3: After a successful login, wait until the page finished loading.

2.4: On the search input, type "Where is my phone?" and click "Google Search" button or press "Enter"

 Step 3: Click the map result.
Click the result to have a better website view.

Step 4: Wait until the page successfully loaded.
Take a look at the screenshot above. 

1 - Device Tab
This is the part where you can switch the device that you want to locate. As you can see from the image above, there are 2 devices. This means that the google account that I signed in is connected on 2 devices. Look for your lost device and click it.

2 - Device Information
In this section, you can see the model of your phone. Clicking the (i) icon beside it, you will see the phone information such as IMEI, Date Registered, as well as the Date when it was last seen. Wifi SSID where the phone is currently connected is also presented here and also its battery percentage.

3 - Map
This section will show you the map and the exact location of your device. Look at the image above. The device icon is green, that means that it is connected to the internet and the GPS is ON. Some latest Android device enables their GPS automatically upon receiving a location request from Google as long as it is connected to the internet. However, there are some devices especially the old ones, which doesn't automatically do the command even though they are online. If the device icon is gray, it means it is offline.

4 - Action for Device
As you can see there are 3 options here.
1. Play Sound - This action will make your lost phone ring for 5 minutes even if it is set to silent.
2. Secure Device - This will enable you to lock your device and sign out your google account. Don't worry because you can still locate it even after signing out. You can also put a message or phone number on the lock screen.
3. Erase Device - This option will enable you to erase your device. Doing this command will also disable you from locating it.

I think you have now the idea on how to locate your lost device. It will take time especially if your device was not yet connected to the internet. Just be patient if you really want to get it back. Don't be hasty. Make a plan because if the person who is currently using your device noticed that you're trying to locate it, you'll lose the chance to get it back. So what's the plan?

Here's the plan:
Locate the device first. Go to that location but have someone who will accompany you. Still, you have to be careful especially if you are not familiar with that place. Try to locate it again and click the option to Play Sound. The device will absolutely ring and if it is in the vicinity, you'll notice it eventually. Try to ring it many times. Let's say you found it, try to talk peacefully and avoid violence. Make sure of your safety, try to call the attention of the leader or the officials who govern that place. Have a peaceful talk with that.
If you failed to locate it or you can't afford to go to that place, then you can try the two remaining options: Secure the Device or Erase the Device. Erasing the device will be your last resort especially if you have important or sensitive contents on your lost device.

I hope this tutorial helped you. If you have questions don't hesitate to leave a comment below. I wish you get your device back! God Bless! :)

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